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value #0 invalid per syntax

 I tried to create an entry in OpenLdap, ldap return error 21: value #0 invalid per syntax. I have an empty attribute ( zero lenght IA5String ), is this the reason cause the error?
according to: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-ldapbis-syntaxes-06.txt
4.3.15 IA5 String

   A value of the IA5 String syntax is a string of zero, one or more
   characters from International Alphabet 5 (IA5) [T.50], the
   international version of the ASCII character set.  The LDAP-specific
   encoding of a value of this syntax is the unconverted string of
   characters, which conforms to the <IA5String> rule in Section 4.2.

Legg & Dally             Expires 3 December 2003               [Page 15]

INTERNET-DRAFT      LDAP: Syntaxes and Matching Rules       June 3, 2003

   The LDAP definition for the IA5 String syntax is:

      ( DESC 'IA5 String' )

   This syntax corresponds to the IA5String ASN.1 type from [ASN.1].
Please advice,
- Joe