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Re: Password problems

Ok, I try to change the password with a user imported from /etc/passwd, and it always tells me LDAP password incorrect.

Its using pam authentication.

jawed abbasi wrote:
how did you create dthis user bobsmith and set his

I would create a system user and then migrate it to
Ldap if you are a beginer.
did you hash the password if you did what did you use
I would create user on linux in /etc/passwd and
migrate  it into ldap and use authentication.

what kind of authenticatio you are using TLS or pam or
krebros ?

There is whole bunch of questions to ask 

--- Yossef Korang <yossef@yossefk.com> wrote:
Ok, I create a test user, called bobsmith, and set
the password in LDAP. 
 Now when I try to log in with bobsmith, it tells me
incorrect(Using a cleartext password).  When I issue
passwd, it asks for 
password, I put it in(it accepts it) and then asks
for the new password. 
 I make a new password for the test user this way,
and when I try to log 
in with him, I still can't.  

Any suggestions on what is going wrong would be
greatly appreciated.

Yossef Korang


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