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Re: differences between openldap and perl-ldap

when i saw the perl-ldap and LDAP i thought it might be 2 products like mod_ssl and OpenSSL, widely used ssl implementation flavours.

Thank You.

From: "ETI - Barry Irchad Kader" <ikbarry@eti.net.gn>
To: ravi varma <gue_st@hotmail.com>
CC: openldaP-software@OpenLDAP.org
Subject: Re: differences between openldap and perl-ldap
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 09:35:50 +0200

ravi varma a écrit :

> what are the differences between openldap and perl-ldap
> what are the conf/pros

If you are referring to perl-ldap being hosted at sourceforge, this is not a
server but a collection of modules providing an interface to LDAP servers.

OpenLDAP is an Open Source implementation of the LDAP protocol.

> is this right question?

Yes, every question should be a right one.

To dig the subject, you can follow these urls:

For an introduction to LDAP and directories:

For a quick overview, roadmap and faq:

Also: http://howto.aphroland.de/HOWTO/LDAP/FrontPage

Best regards,

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