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Re: Opinion requested: LDAP Administration clients

There are a couple of products that go by the same name LDAP Browser. 
One is commercial and the other is free.  The free one uses java so it
should run on any OS with java installed.  I use it and it works very
well.  Another good app, that is also free, is Directory Administrator.
 Not quite as granular as LDAP Browser, but I think a little easier for
those who just want to perform some basic tasks.

Directory Administrator - http://diradmin.open-it.org
LDAP Browser - http://www.iit.edu/~gawojar/ldap/
LDAP Browser for OS X - http://www.vnos.net/products/ldap.html
LDAP Browser from Softera (commercial = $$$) - http://www.ldapbrowser.com/

I can't comment on the last two as I have never used since the free apps
met my needs.


> We are currently looking into implementing an OPENLDAP solution to support
> our Radius server.  In time we will probably be expanding the directory to
> also handle our Samba and Squid servers.
> What LDAP Administration client does your company use and why did you
> decide to use that client?   We currently have some admins running Windoze
> and some running Linux, so clients that run on either platform are
> Thanks in advance for any replies.