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Re: Opinion requested: LDAP Administration clients

Mike Carpenter wrote:

What LDAP Administration client does your company use and why did you
decide to use that client? We currently have some admins running Windoze
and some running Linux, so clients that run on either platform are welcome.

We use a combination of tools.  We currently have a directory
of several hundred users, and will be expanding to several
thousand in the next few months.  No single tool has all the
features that all of our different users require.  We use a
mixture of commandline admin tools (ldapsearch, ldapadd,
ldapmodify, ldapdelete), GQ (an excellent tool which you
can find at http://biot.com/gq/), and some homegrown stuff
using python-ldap and Zope.

Which tool depends mostly on the "panic level" of the
situation, and who is handling the request (secretaries
who are updating someone's details shouldn't be using

Hoep that helps,

John Ziniti
Web Administrator