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RE: LDAP Filter : works with full value, but not with part_of_value*

If you look at the OpenLDAP ITS area, you'll see I filed a feature request on this type of capability several months ago. Stanford University is currently in the process of hiring Howard Chu (an excellent resource) to implement some features, this being one of them.


--On Tuesday, July 01, 2003 4:24 PM -0400 Chris Brook <cbrook@v-one.com> wrote:

I had the same problem and realized that it is because member/memberOf
uses a syntax of DistinguishedName which does have substring matching,
only exact, even though the components are CaseIgnore strings. Looks like
we are cannot do wildcarding on members, or anything with DN syntax.
Chris Brook

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Hello, I use a filter to filter (of course!) my search to some groups (groups are attribute). If I search : (memberOf=CN=DG_IT-CLI-DAR_A_00,OU=IT_CLI-DAR,OU=IT_Generic,OU=IT_Res,OU =IT,DC=corproot,DC=net) I get all values, but I want also ...DG_IT-CLI-DAR_A_01... and .....DG_IT-CLI-DAR_A_02...

If I filter
=IT,DC=corproot,DC=net) I get nothing, same with

Why does the wildcard not work? And is there any wildcard for
"any_letter" for just one letter variable?


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