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Re: LDAP Filter : works with full value, but not with part_of_value*

Maxime.Gheysen@swisscom.com wrote:
> If I filter
> (memberOf=CN=DG_IT-CLI-DAR_A_0*,OU=IT_CLI-DAR,OU=IT_Generic,OU=IT_Res,OU
> =IT,DC=corproot,DC=net) I get nothing, same with
> (memberOf=CN=DG_IT-CLI-DAR_A_0*).
> Why does the wildcard not work? And is there any wildcard for
> "any_letter" for just one letter variable?

Maybe you don't get results because 'memberOf' has no SUBSTR matching rule defined for it.

Judging from the attribute type in your example that seems to be more an Active Directory issue and therefore it's rather off-topic on the OpenLDAP mailing list.

Ciao, Michael.