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RE: Test

I'm quiet new with OpenLDAP, and I have some problems with the filter :

If my filter is like "(&(objectclass=*)(memberOf=*))" I receive all the
values. If I look the attribute "memberOf" I see things like

I want to refine my research to filter all users from group
How can I do this? If I write "(&(objectclass=*)(memberOf=OG_IT*))" I
get nothing. Same if I write "(&(objectclass=*)(memberOf=CN=OG_IT*))" or
even if I write "(&(objectclass=*)(memberOf=O*))" 

How does the filter work in this case (when there are more attribute
with the same name -> memberOf)?

For information here is the structure of my ldap dir

   ---OU=IT_Group   <-Group names with cn=IT_* and an attribute member
for each user
   ---OU=IT_Users   <-User names with cn=TFR* and an attribute MemberOf
for each group wich the user is member of