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Re: problem with replication when adding a new entry

Who Knows wrote:
alexela_1999 wrote:

I configured replication between two servers. but when I adding a new entry,
slurpd reports an error "Constraint violation". follow the transfering data,
I found "structuralObjectClass:no user modification allowed" etc. this is
caused by replogfile when slapd writes replica data to it. slapd writes all
attributes internal of this new entry such as "structuralObjectclass,
entryUUID" etc. I remove them from replogfile, and then start slurpd, add
operation will be successful. anybody has encountered this problem?! is this
a bug of slapd?!

I am seeing this issue with the 2.1.21-2 redhat rawhidd openldap rpms. I
solved it using the replaca syntax below (note I think there are more
attrs needed but I am adding them as I find them in my reject log)

replica host=secret.my-domain.com:389

Well please ignore my comment above. As I had read in several notes on this list,
the actual problem was that the  updatedn  did not match the  dn of the master.
Actually the I had the updatedn specified as:
should have been:
    updatedn   "cn=replica,dc=my-domain,dc=com"

After fixing that I had to remove the attr!= statements above because some
are required during replication.

Finally, I have my ldap system ( master and slave ) working.
May the source be with you! Open Source of course!

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