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finger to ldap gateway?

Greetings all,
   We're finally starting a forward movement towards some real LDAP
servers on campus, and the first production task picked is a replacement
of our current qi/ph server for online directory information.
Unfortunately, we still have a reasonably large user base that relies on
the ability to get directory information from a unix prompt using our
finger to ph gateway. So in order to proceed, we need to have some sort of
finger to ldap gateway to accomplish something similar.
   In the googling I've done, I've seen much reference to in.xfingerd
as a program to do this. Unfortunately, I can't find any reference to
it beyond OpenLDAP 1.2. Is it defunct? Is there something that replaces
it? Are we the only institution crazy enough to still want something like
this? Any help or suggestions that can be offered would be much
   If we can't find any other solution, we're probably going to try
something obnoxious like having our current finger to ph gateway point at
a ph to ldap gateway to get the data. Ick.


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