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RE: How to Confuse SSO

> as european user, where do I get Kerberos from ?

It comes with every modern Linux distribution.

It is part of Windows 2000 and greater.  You have to use the command
line utility to get a principle from a non-M$ KDC, but it works fine.

It ships with most commerical UNIX distributions.

There isn't usually any getting involved.

> > > I want to set-up Single Sign On (SSO) solution on Redaht Linux. However,
> > > I have read many web site reference that use different application so I
> > > am confused which on can be used for SSO?
> > > Do I need configure all of them? Do I really need Kerberos 5? 
> > Yes.
> > ftp://www.kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/KerberosV-v3.pdf
> > > Is TLS/SSL nessary for SSO? 
> > No