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Re: referral and performance

Has anyone a saving idea???
I searched the web up and down, but I didn't find any hint...
Has been someone confrunted with the same problem ? Is it perhaps a Berkeley DB configuration problem?


Andrea Albert wrote:
Hi List,

in our LDAP-Server a part of the subtree is a referral object:

dn: dc=informatik,dc=hamburg,dc=de
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
objectClass: top
ref: ldap://1xx.xx.xx.xx/dc=informatik,dc=hamburg,dc=de

It works very fine!
But if the server to which this referral points go down, then the response time of the main LDAP-Server (containing this referral)
is >20 sec. Many clients close connection before getting any answer for authentication.
How can I avoid this problem?
Pls help!!

Thanks and bye

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