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Re: LDAP Hangs on request

I've logged at the logs(atleast in /var/log/), and I am not noticing any queries for an attribute there. I might be looking in the wrong place...


Robert Canary wrote:

1.  Look at your logs, note what attributes it is querying.
2.  Check your indexes in your slapd.conf and make sure you have an
index for those attributes.

Yossef Korang wrote:

I'm not sure what the problem is, other than it simply hanging on a
client machine.  I have LDAP running smoothly on the master(for
authentication), but when I enable it on the client side, and make the
adjustment to /etc/nsswitch.conf to be "hosts files ldap", and if I try
to "finger" a  user(or login, etc), it just hangs there on client and
master side.

Any help or point to a previous answered question dealing with this(that
I have not yet found in the archives) would be appreciated.