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Mixing Schemas in OpenLDAP!?


Not to be jumping in out of turn - but the ldif below (pulled from a
recent post) intrigues me.  Can a definition mix object classes as shown
above without creating a custom class!?  This would be quite usefull,
but I don't want to blow away my database again and start over if this
is not the case.

Gary Allen Vollink

> A simple user entry might look like:
> dn: uid=someuser,ou=People,o=MyOrg
> objectclass: person
> objectclass: inetOrgPerson
> objectclass: posixAccount
> objectclass: inetLocalMailRecipient
> cn: Some User
> givenname: Some
> sn: User
> uid: someuser
> userPassword: {MD5}Zm1KdYVpW70LRLMuwt3FgA==
> loginShell: /usr/bin/bash
> uidnumber: 1025
> gidnumber: 1000
> homeDirectory: /home/someuser
> mail: someuser@myorg.com
> mailRoutingAddress: someuser@somehost.myorg.com