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RE: mapping one search to another

On Tue, 24 Jun 2003, Greg Matthews wrote:

> Hi Steve...
> this looks very useful. Does this mean you *are* using the padl modules
> (pam and nss) or the native solaris ones?
> > Had problems with the openldap/padl stack on Solaris when trying to
> > get the sasl/gssapi part working.  Works OK for simple/auth.
> I only want to get tls:simple working for regular authentication which
> seems to be what you have setup - maybe I'll try sasl once I'm over this
> hurdle!

sasl does not work.  The sol9 ldap client uses invalid DNs for sasl binds.
I imagine this works fine with iPlanet ldap servers, but it does not work
with openldap.