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about "referral objectclass"


I try to use "referral objectclass".

My environment is:

HOST-A is superior.
HOST-B is subordinate.

and I add following referral objectclass on HOST-A

dn: dc=subtree,st=Hyogo,c=JP
objectClass: referral
objectClass: extensibleObject
dc: subtree
ref: ldap://HOST-B/dc=subtree,st=Hyogo,c=JP

After that, if I try to add following object on HOST-B,

dn: cn=Jon,dc=subtree,st=Hyogo,c=JP
objectClass: person
objectClass: residenstialPerson
cn: Jon
l: BBB
sn: Jon

then, I see following error,

adding new entry "dc=subtree,st=Hyogo,c=JP"
ldapadd: update failed: dc=subtree,st=Hyogo,c=JP
ldap_add: Referral (10)

Thank you for  some advices!!