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Perfomance issue using ldap + uw- pop3

I have RedHat 9 stock version with openldap 2.0.27
In the same server I run sendmail + uw-pop3

I have some user that keep hitting F5 in MS Outlook to check their
email account using pop3. The result is a saturated server in peak hours.
Some user check their email 700 times in a 8 hour period.(thanks to the
report of logwatch I know this)

The linux load raise up to 25 some times!

My question is:
can I increase perfomance of openldap by tuning the indexes (configuring
more/few indexes), configure ldap to use more/less memory, etc?
Also, using nscd will help?

I have 40 user more or less. And any caching mechanism will help.

Another option is to destroy the F5 key in all keyboards ;-)

BTW, the server is a PIII 750Mhz with 256MB

Many Thanks

Oliver Schulze L.