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I've been fiddling with how to backup/restore my directory, especially when
the restore is going to a different machine.  I seem to always wind up
having errors like the following if I back up id2entry.bdb, run slapindex on
the restore host, and start/stop slapd:

Jun 20 20:45:38 ldap1 slapd[30012]: bdb(dc=go2net,dc=com): id2entry.bdb:
unable to flush page: 0
Jun 20 20:45:38 ldap1 slapd[30012]: bdb(dc=go2net,dc=com): txn_checkpoint:
failed to flush the buffer cache Invalid argument
Jun 20 20:45:38 ldap1 slapd[30012]: bdb_db_destroy: txn_checkpoint failed:
Invalid argument (22)

Is backing up id2entry and running slapindex no longer a reliable method
for backing up the directory, as the Faq-O-Matic says?


It appears the only reliable method for backing up/restore is to use


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