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Obtaining the schema


I have a LDAP v3 database (OpenLDAP 2.1), and the JXplorer tool wants to retrieve the LDAP
directory schema dynamically from the server.
I never used this feature, and for now, it seems it does not work.

OpenLDAP keeps replying there is no entry matching to the "cn=schema" request sent by JXplorer.
I went through different email of the mailing list archive, but I was not able to find a clear
description of what is required to use this feature (retrieving the directory schema with an
LDAP 'search' request).

1/ Do I need to add something to the actual directory shema (/etc/openldap/schema/*.schema
files) ?
   grep subschema *   as well as grep subentry * returned nothing.
   Aren't these attribute description supposed to be defined in the *.schema files ?

2/ What would be a valid LDAP search request to retrieve the directory schema of my LDAP
database ?
  I tried:
     ldapsearch -D "cn=subschema" -b "ou=Anciens,o=ANIENIB,c=FR"  'objectclass=schema'
     ldapsearch -D "cn=schema" -b "ou=Anciens,o=ANIENIB,c=FR"  'objectclass=schema'
     ldapsearch -D "cn=subschema" -b "ou=Anciens,o=ANIENIB,c=FR"  'objectclass=subschema'
  with no success.

Sorry if this looks like very stupid, I really lost with this LDAP feature, and I was not able
to find any document for beginner either on the web site or in the mailing list archive.
  If there is such a document, or a previous email answer, please let me now its URL or its

Thanks in advance,