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Re: Some questions about replication via slurpd

Chris McKeever wrote:


M> replica host="lpapmaster:389"

M> replica host="ldapslave:389"

M>  binddn="cn=ldapreplicator,o=MyO"
M>  bindmethod=simple   credentials=plaintextpassord

the host needs to be the host that you will be replicating to. and from my

yes of course. My slapd.conf is OK, I made the mistake when typing this mail. Sorry

experience, it only like FQDN (slave.yourdomain.net)

This is in FQDN in my slapd.conf. I prefer use short fake hostnames/dn in the messages I sent over the Internet.

So the replica directive isn't faulty on my server. There is another problem.

Thanks for help !