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RE: Replication with slurpd - problems using TLS

Thanks for the response.  I still don't understand the need to use ldaps
at all though, but I will try it and see if it works.  At this point though
I feel like I'm engaging in voodoo administration because I really have no
understanding of why I'd need ldaps for this.

Also I don't have a slurpd.conf file, have never heard of one - all I did
was to add lines to the slapd.conf file on the master, I didn't create a 
seperate slurpd.conf file.  Both my master and slave servers in the 
replication scenario I am working with do have TLSCACertificateFile
specified though, which is what I think you meant.  

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--On Thursday, June 19, 2003 4:06 PM -0400 "Lawrence, Mike (White Plains)" 
<Mike.Lawrence@starwoodhotels.com> wrote:

> Hi Quanah - I will give it a shot, but I think I am very confused as to
> what is going on with openldap/SSL/TLS in general.  I don't have ldaps
> turned on at all and TLS works fine over port 389 for ssh user
> authentication
> when the user is in ldap.  And actually, that was the only way I was ever
> able to get TLS working, was to basically abandon ldaps and port 636 and
> just run ldap on 389 with start_tls in the /etc/ldap.conf file.  So I am
> very preplexed when you tell me that slurpd needs to do TLS over port 636
> (and this also seems to run contrary to the way I it is done in the
> O'Reilly LDAP book).  So I will try it but I am very confused as to why :)
> If anyone else has any insight into getting TLS turned on with slurpd I
> would really appreciate it, I have been away from my LDAP project for a
> few weeks and am back at this brick wall now trying to scale over it.
> Thanks!

ldaps:// does tls over 389.  Also, do you specify TLSCACertificateFile in 
your slurpd.conf?

>From our conf files:

replica         host=ldap9.stanford.edu:389
                tls=yes bindmethod=sasl

# Replica Directives

updatedn        cn=replicator,cn=service,cn=applications,dc=stanford,dc=edu
updateref       ldaps://ldap-master.stanford.edu

replogfile      /opt/csw/var/openldap-slurp/replica/slapd.replog

replica         host=

rootdn		"cn=replica,dc=webtech,dc=com"
rootpw		{crypt}JOEAfuddHpilE
updatedn	"cn=replica,dc=webtech,dc=com"
updateref	ldaps://

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