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RE: PeopleSoft and OpenLDAP

we have peoplesoft installers here now and they have said that they have
used openldap as a user account repository.  you should be able to point
the authentication to almost any ldapv3 compliant ldap server.

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From: Raj Balasubramanian [mailto:r0x61j@comcast.net]
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Subject: PeopleSoft and OpenLDAP

OpenLDAP wil have user entries, which need to be updated (3-4 attributes
needs to be updated) based on info from PeopleSoft.
Is anyone on the list faniliar with any tools (similar to PerlDAP) that 
can import (on a schedule basis) attributes from PeopleSoft user 
repository into OpenLDAP?  
If so how flexible are these kinds of tools for customization....
Thanks in advance for any responses.
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