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RE: Red Hat 7.3 openLDAP Client VS Sun Iplanet LDAP Server

I saw this on RedHat 9 in the same situation.  Everytime I changed the
password from the RedHat box, it was lost forever, and had to be reset
server side.  This was after running authconfig to set up the LDAP client
authentication.  I eventually gave up and rebooted in hopes of it
mysteriously fixing itself, and it turned out it somehow did.  After the
reboot I was able to successfully change the passwd of LDAP users.  I don't
know why the reboot was necessary, I'm guessing something with the PAM
stuff, but who knows?

How did you set up the LDAP authentication?  Manually or with authconfig?
And did you try rebooting?

(forgot to send this to the list and only mailed privately last mail...

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> From: Morris Duane-rat924 [mailto:duanelmorris@motorola.com] 
> Sent: 18 June, 2003 3:24 PM
> To: OpenLDAP (E-mail)
> Subject: Red Hat 7.3 openLDAP Client VS Sun Iplanet LDAP Server
> Once account is created I can log in to the Red Hat box with 
> now problem.
> If I change my password from the Red Hat box, logout, I will 
> never be able to log in again.
> Seems to reset my passwd, because neither the original or the 
> new one work.
> Hints?
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Duane L. Morris