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SASL authentication (DIGEST-MD5)

I have a problem in usind SASL authentication (DIGEST-MD5) with your java libraries. When I execute the bind method (the one with the mechanism as a parameter) I got as answer an error 92 LDAP_NOT_SUPPORTED. I suppose I need to specify somehow that I want to use LDAP_v3, but I can't immagine how, since neither the bind nor the connect method have such a parameter. Am I missing some information? 
This is the very simple code I'm trying to run. LogWriter is just a simple class to write to a log file
public class provaldap1 {
  public provaldap1() {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    LogWriter log = new LogWriter("C:/Temp/Log.out");
    log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","inizio: ");;
    LDAPConnection c = new LDAPConnection();
    try {
      String[] st = new String[1];
      st[0] = "DIGEST-MD5";
      c.bind( "CN=myname,OU=people,O=mycompany,C=it",null,st,null,null);
      log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","autenticato: ");
    } catch (LDAPException e)  {
      log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","errore: "+e.getResultCode());
      if ( e.getResultCode() == 14  ) {
        log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","LDAPMessage: "+e.getLDAPErrorMessage());
        if (e.getCause() != null)
          log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","Cause: "+e.getCause().toString());
        log.write(new Object(),"MESSAGE","Message: "+e.getMessage());
And this is what I find in my logfile
2003-6-19 9:44:38 718 | java.lang.Object@239137 | MESSAGE | inizio: 
2003-6-19 9:44:40 701 | java.lang.Object@3efab0 | MESSAGE | errore client: 92
2003-6-19 9:44:40 701 | java.lang.Object@3c5982 | MESSAGE | LDAPMessage: null
2003-6-19 9:44:40 751 | java.lang.Object@55550d | MESSAGE | Message: LDAP Not Supported
Can someone show me te way?
Roberto Gastaldo

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