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performance difference in ldapsearch?

	i run over red hat 7.2 ,with openldap 2.1.19 ,Berkeley DB 4.1
	i met a problem when i perform some seach :
	>>time ldapsearch -x -b "dc=iccc" "(FileName=*dc*)" -z 500 > a
			real    0m3.374s
			user    0m0.050s
			sys     0m0.000s
 	>>time ldapsearch -x -b "dc=iccc" "(FileName=*word*)" -z 500 > a
			real    0m0.058s
			user    0m0.020s
			sys     0m0.000s
    contrast above ,why the real time is so different?
    Any explaination will be appreciate!