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Dear all,

I would like to add data to ldbm database on the fly with script ldif2ldbm, but I couldn't find the script in openldap installation.
I want to use the the following command to create a ldbm:

ldif2ldbm -i my-data-file -f /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.conf

the content of the file my-data-file is:

                       dn: o=openna, c=com
                       o: openna
                       objectclass: organization

                       dn: cn=Gerhard Mourani, o=openna, c=com
                       cn: Gerhard Mourani
                       sn: Mourani
                       mail: gmourani@videotron.ca
                       title: Author
                       objectclass: person

                       dn: cn=Anthony Bay, o=openna, c=com
                       cn: Anthony Bay
                       sn: Bay
                       homephone: (444) 111-2233
                       mobile: (444) 555-6677
                       mail: abay@openna.com
                       objectclass: person

                       dn: cn=George Parker, o=openna, c=com
                       cn: George Parker
                       sn: Parker
                       telephonenumber: (555) 234-5678
                       fax: (543) 987-6543
                       mobile: (543) 321-4354
                       description: E-Commerce
                       objectclass: person

Thanks sam