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Re: netscape.public.mozilla.directory

Thanks a lot. you where right. I isolated the problem: only moz 1.3 and upper can't read any record of the directory (nestcape 4.x and moz 1.2 work fine)

But, I think V2 is deprecated, so I've reported this as a bug at mozilla.

Now, I can test the directory with any browser. Thanks a lot again.

Jon Roberts wrote:
Alberto Sáez wrote:

I've installed an openLDAP 2.1.x server in a Linux (sid) box. I can access to the directory from a lot of clients (URL, vail, ldapexplorer, Mocosoft Address book, ...) but when I try to use nestcaspe 4.x or Mozilla-1.x adress book, I can't read any of the records of the directory.

From mozilla, I can acess to the ldap server through the URL, but not from adress book.

PLease, can you say me where is the error? Thanks a lot.

I can't say for sure this is the problem, but there is a penchant for LDAP V2 in some circles, so try adding:

allow bind_v2

to your slapd.conf and restarting your OpenLDAP server.

This answer is also on the netscape.public.mozilla.directory list in response to your previous post there.

Jon Roberts

-- ÿþ