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LDAP Tools and DNS SRV Records

Hello all,

I'm currently playing with SRV and SLP. I found a mail from Kurtz
which say openldap tools doens't support SRV, but the mail is old (Jan
2001) and i've found this line :

libraries/libldap/dnssrv.c:    len = res_query(request, C_IN, T_SRV,
reply, sizeof(reply));

so, I guess ldaps tools (build with dnssrv modules) can use SRV
records. But i don'f found any options in man pages or other..

I try to perform a search without give an hostname, but it seem look
on localhost instead query _ldap._tcp.<domain>

Thanks you very much for you help.

Bruno Bonfils                                     http://www.asyd.net/
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