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Re: question about support ldapv2 client.

At 10:44 AM 6/15/2003, Joe Wong wrote:
>Hello, I have an old ldap application which is ldapv2 protocol.

Does your application implement LDAPv2 as specified in RFC 1777?
Or, like most applications that report to implement LDAPv2, does
it implement LDAPv2 in some non-standard manner.  If the latter,
OpenLDAP 2.x cannot help you.  It, like most LDAP servers, does
not support LDAPv2 as specified in RFC 1777.  If the former, then
you can enable v2 binds (see slapd.conf(5)), but the server will
expect LDAPv3 syntax and semantics (such as Unicode/UTF-8 not T.61
textual strings) to be used in all subsequent requests.

The general lack of adherence to the LDAPv2 specifications was one
of the main reasons those specifications are now Historic.

>I would like to know if the following is possible:
>1. convert my existing schema file to OpenLdap 2.0 format, so I can make use of the latest slapd to serve my data
>2. I don't want to throw away by ldapv2 client application. Can OpenLdap 2.0 support ldapv2 client request? If so, is there any tricks/configurations issue or it is transparent to my ldapv2 client app?
>- Joe