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similar userCertificates?

A while ago we migrated from iPlanet to openLDAP (running version 2.0.27 in our production environment).
We have a lot of applications running, which are posting userCertificates into a directory entry already containing a userCertificate (this was possible with iPlanet). For we don't wanna change our applications we added the equality filter 'octetstringmatch' to the userCertificate schema.

attributetype ( NAME 'userCertificate'
  EQUALITY octetStringMatch

Most of the time everything works fine, but in rare occasions openLDAP returns Error 18 (Inappropriate matching).
This error is reproducable with the same certificate. (Note: The certificate I am trying to post and the certificate within the directory are definitively different.)
Like I said: this happens only with few certificates, while others are posted without any error.

Has anybody of you encountered the same/similar problem or has any suggestions?


Armin Wenz