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back-passwd configuration

This is a "stupid beginner" question for which I apologize up front.
I am trying to run slapd with only back-passwd and using ldapsearch to test
it - all on Solaris.  I am using openldap-2.1.21.
The build & install is fine and slapd appears to work OK but I get no
results.  I assume that either my lapd.conf or slapd.conf is wrong, or of
course my ldapsearch parameters are incorrect.
In slapd.conf, I just have:
database  passwd
suffix	"dc=company-name,dc=com"  where "company-name" is mine.
I issue:
ldapsearch -x -u -d 255 -s base -b ' ' uid
I am running slapd under a debugger and see the backend initialization but
never see passwd-back-search called.
Any help to get me going in the right direction would be much appreciated.
Chris Brook