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RE: Solaris Strong Authentication (fwd)

On Tue, 10 Jun 2003, Smith, Steve wrote:

> Hi Igor,
> Irrespective of whether openldap *should* be hacked to
> workaround this pb, do you have any details of the hack?
> I'd like to try it for myself and maybe use it until
> Sun finally get round to adding sasl/gssapi to the
> Solaris ldap client.
> Steve.Smith@commerzbankIB.com

I really have not looked at it.  There are multiple ways to do this, but
after a brief look I'd change dnPrettyNormal() in server/slapd/dn.c.

> >
> On 13 May 2003, Igor Brezac wrote
> >
> > Solaris 9 can do SASL/(DIGEST|CRAM)-MD5 and TLS.
> > SASL/DIGEST-MD5 (and I
> > believe CRAM-MD5) is broken when used with Openldap.  It
> > should work with
> > iplanet.  Solaris 9 ldap client tries to sasl bind with 'dn:
> > <dn>' which
> > openldap reports as an invalid DN.  Openldap can be hacked to
> > work around
> > this issue.  Should it?
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