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'/etc/init.d/ldap start' vs. 'slapd'


I'm currently in the progress of trying to get openldap to work. Actually,
it does what it has to do when I start the process on the command line, like
'slapd' or 'slapd -d 5'. I can use ldapsearch to see if I get results, and
Outlook uses it without problems too. But when I start it with the startup
script, 'like /etc/init.d/ldap start', I get not a single result with
ldapsearch, only '32 No such object'. Also, I tried adding some logging in
slapd.conf to see if it gives me some more info in syslog (with the loglevel
option), but that doesn't seem to do anything, I only see the lines
'started' and 'stopped' in syslog. I'm sure it uses the right configfile,
because when I delete it, it complains :-)  Any suggestion anyone? Thanks in

BTW: I'm using redhat 7.2 with openldap 2.0.23

Tom De Puysseleyr