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Some Problems with OpenLDAP on Solaris 8

Hoi .. 

I installed OpenLDAP 2.0.8 on Solaris8 (SPARC) from:

I installed it and followed the instruction from the ypass.net, but I
have the following issue.

I have a redhat machine with recent OpenLDAP from RedHat 7.3 and the
Solaris 8 machine. The RedHat machine is our current LDAP-Auth server
and the authentification works fine with it.

But switching the IP of the LDAP-Server in the configfiles on the
client machines wont work. 
I can run commands like "id $USER" which works and gives me the right
user information. But logging in with ssh/console wont work anymore.

The LDAP-Server have the same configurations and the only thing I
changed on the clients was the IP of the LDAP-Server ... 

	Any hints?


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