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Re: replication having multiple backends

sorry for jumping to conclusions.
I was only examinig the slurpd code.
my fault, indeed.

but my problem is still there.

does anyone have a clue?

thx for helping, and sorry again for my inappropriate words

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
hi there!

when looking at the slurpd source code, I found out, that the suffix
statement in the replica context is ignored:

as intended.

excerpt from config.c:

        } else if ( !strncasecmp( cargv[ i ],
                        SUFFIXSTR, sizeof( SUFFIXSTR ) - 1 ) ) {
            /* ignore it */ ;

so hopefully the programmers will activate this statement soon, and in
that way I feel it is intended to, namely to make it possible to do the
replication for multiple backends hooked on different branches, without
getting referral errors back from the slave slapd.

It is ignored because it is slapd's responsibility to schedule
replicas for the approriate slurpd threads; those, on turn,
simply collect their chenages and propagate them to the server.
If you look at the corresponding slapd's code, it is not ignored.

*waving hands to the programmers corner* :)

and please be so kind and document not implemented stuff correctly in
the man pages.

The documentation correctly describes what the software does
and it needs no changes at all.  Please read the code and the
documentation carefully, and you'll find out that they match.