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Re: Adding or deleting items?

In a message dated: Thu, 05 Jun 2003 11:13:58 EDT
kend@xanoptix.com said:

>Hiya.  I'm a little confused as to how to add and delete... well, I'm not
>even sure of the correct nomenclature, so let me give an example: groups. 
>I have, say, a group "IT", thusly:
># gIT, US
>dn: cn=gIT, c=US
>objectClass: posixGroup
>objectClass: top
>cn: gIT
>gidNumber: 567
>memberUid: kend
>memberUid: ullmanl
>memberUid: tom
>Is there any way to add or delete members singly?  Or must I take the
>entry, either add or subtract the user, and then re-import it with

You should be able to use ldapadd or ldapdelete to do this, but it's 
far easier with something like 'gq' or ldapbrowser where you can see 
what's going on.  Especially if it's just one or two small changes 
like that.  

ldapmodify is, IMO, more suited for large, batch operations where you 
need to make a large number of changes at once.


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