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RE: Aliases status for openldap 2.1.x + back-bdb

I added support for aliases in back-bdb in OpenLDAP 2.2 (which has just
recently entered Alpha testing). The alias code was only added after a
complete rewrite of back-bdb's entry caching. Since this was a fairly drastic
code change, it most likely will not appear in 2.1. You can get the 2.2 code
from CVS if you feel like experimenting, but understand that it's only an
alpha - we don't even pretend that it's ready for prime time... Some of the
schema handling is incomplete, and one of my changes to back-bdb/modify
(delete specific value) is known to (probably) leave the attribute indexes
unusable in the current snapshot. Aside from that it's fairly decent.

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> I seem to remember reading that support for aliases has been
> broken under
> back-bdb in one of the lists a while back.
> Just checking to hear if and when we can expect support for
> that to be included
> in the main tarball anytime soon.
> Thanks,
> Lars Peterson
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