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db_config and other questions

im database illiterate.. so 
1. Should I define the environment variable DB_HOME in my LDAP start up script or is there somewhere else that it needs to be defined?
2. Once ive got the DB_HOME set, does openldap-2.1.21 know to look for this environment variable or do I need to tell it about it?
3.  What are some optimal settings that should be placed into the DB_CONFIG file to maximize read only performance.
4.  Should I worry about setting bdb options inside slapd.conf if they are already specified in DB_CONFIG?

other questions:
Im upgrading 2.0.25 to 2.1.21 .. I planned to build a stable 2.1.21 and load it with some data, and test my build.
1. Will I be able to replicate any changes from 2.0 to 2.1? 
2. How would I specify only specific updates instead of all changes replicating.

In the simplest terms, could someone explain the rootDSE.

Thanks all

Jonathan Higgins
Network Service Specialist IV
Kennesaw State University

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