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Re: Help!

Today at 8:21am, "Sánchez Bermejo, Gustavo" wrote:

> I get information from a LDAP Server (not OpenLDAP) and I want to add that
> information to my OpenLDAP server.
> The first LDAP server is from IBM. When I try to add the information,
> "ldapadd" says me that there are unknown attributes.
> I' ve tried to add schema files from IBM web page, (adding the schema files
> to my schema directory and using the "include" directive in <slapd.conf>),
> but the error don't dissapear. What should I do.

You need to answer the following questions:

Which LDAP server is complaining about unknown attributes?
Which attributes are unknown?
What should the definition of those attributes be?

We really need to know what your OS is, and which version of OpenLDAP
you are having problems with to be able to help you.

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