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Re: Problem when add more value to userCertificate attribute. ("add v alue failed")

Duile Gerhard wrote:

I need to add more than one userCertificate to one entry. In this mailing list I found a mail written on Thu, 13 Sep 2001 by Siok Peng (siokpeng@transparity.com) concerning exactly my problem. The answers to this question say that it seems not to be possible to store more than one usercertificate in one entry because openldap does not support certificate matching. But in this mails I find no solution to the problem.

So my question: does anybody know what I have to do to store more than one userCertificate in an entry? Is it possible at all?

Thank you in advance

Gerhard Duile

You must add the usercerts all at once. So if a unsercertificate allready exist 1. get it 2. add the 2nd. to the first e.g. in an ldif for replace

dn: blablabla
changetype: modify
replace: usercertificate
usercertificate;binary:: <1st cert>
usercertificate;binary:: <2nd cert>

and now replace the whole attribute 'usercertificate' in your entry.


Christian Pohl

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