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RE: Problem when add more value to userCertificate attribute. ("a dd v alue failed")


normnally usercertificate is a multivalued attribute, so it must be possible
to store several certificates in an entry.
When no certificatematch is implemented, you can probably add certiciates by
adding them all at the same time. It will only mean that you cannot compare
the already existing certificate and the one you try to add. (you have to
add all certicicates at once, using a replace command in stead of an add

(or use Siemens DirX, it has a certificate match implemented and must be
quit easy to get for you :-)

Greetings, Dolf Smits

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From: Duile Gerhard [mailto:gerhard.duile@siemens.com]
Sent: Tuesday, June 03, 2003 13:28
To: 'openldap-software@openldap.org'
Subject: Problem when add more value to userCertificate attribute. ("add
v alue failed")


I need to add more than one userCertificate to one entry. In this mailing
list I found a mail written on Thu, 13 Sep 2001 by Siok Peng
(siokpeng@transparity.com) concerning exactly my problem. The answers to
this question say that it seems not to be possible to store more than one
usercertificate in one entry because openldap does not support certificate
matching. But in this mails I find no solution to the problem.

So my question: does anybody know what I have to do to store more than one
userCertificate in an entry? Is it possible at all?

Thank you in advance

Gerhard Duile