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just upgraded to 2.1.21 and its slow?

hi all,

We were running 2.1.16 and 2.1.17 and they were ok speed wise.

Now i have just upgraded a couple of our servers to 2.1.21 and
as a test i used Softerra LDAP Administrator 2.5 to connect the
the master and slaves.

The first thing i noticed when i expanded the People DN is how slow
it was expanding, it would pull about 30 records then pause for 1/2 a

Once it had pulled all of the People down it was then fine at re-refreshing
the People DN.

Is this a server caching issue?

Also why is it so slow to start with?  

By the way we are using BDB-4.1.25, and i have my cachesize in slapd.conf
set to 65000


David Shirley
System's Administrator
Computer Science - Curtin University
(08) 9266 2986