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Re: AUTOFS and LDAP on RedHat 7.3

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 09:41:47AM -0700, Morris Duane-rat924 wrote:
> Ldap part seems to work, but automount does not.  Even though
> nsswitch.conf is set to files ldap, when I start autofs it does not
> really start because it appears to be trying to use YP anyway.  Does
> the same on autofs 3.x or 4.x 
> Any Hints?
> [root@wopper autofs]# ./autofs-ldap-auto-master
> /- auto.direct
> /home auto.home
> /proj auto.proj
> /net -hosts

Your map entries don't specify that the maps being referred to are in
the directory server.  By default, a map which doesn't have its type
specified is treated as either a file-based map (if there's a file in
/etc with the map's name) or as a NIS map, regardless of where the
master map entry was stored.

Try changing "auto.home" in your map entry to "ldap:auto.home", and
things should work as you expect them to.