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Re: Very Basic Question

slapd and slurpd are in /usr/sbin/

The startup script, ldap, is in /etc/init.d

using 'rpm -ql package-name' will print out a list of locations of files
installed by the RPM. That might help with these sorts of things in the


On Wed, 2003-05-28 at 09:43, Thompson, Jimi wrote:
> I apologize upfront for posting this, but I'm not sure where to find
> the information.  I've tried searching Google as well as the RPM's on
> my machine and your list archives.  I've also run both locate and find
> looking for this information and gotten nothing apparently useful
> back.  As I can't seem to find the answer anywhere so I'm going to ask
> this.  The file path to the executable that is mentioned on your web
> site is empty and the config files are in /etc/openldap, which also
> appears to be non-standard.  
> I'm running a RedHat 9 server and I seem to have successfully
> installed the RPM's for openldap 2.0.27(as I can find the config files
> and the lib files, etc.) , but I'm having one very tiny problem.  I
> cannot find the executable in order to start the server.  If someone
> could kindly tell me where they've hidden the thing, I would be very
> nearly eternally grateful.  If I've missed something and the
> executable isn't installed, I'd be equally happy to discover that as
> well.
> Thanks,
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