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Re: slapadd, 1 million entries, some NEW numbers

On Tue, May 27, 2003 at 10:40:26AM -0300, Andreas wrote:
> # time slapadd -l saida.ldif
> real    233m3.877s
> user    7m51.880s
> sys     1m11.710s

Same ldif (about 1 million entries), but another machine (and using openldap-2.1.20 now,
same slapd.conf than with the other machine):
# time slapadd -l saida.ldif

real    148m49.360s
user    7m54.460s
sys     1m54.810s

This machine is a dual P4 HT 2.4GHz (i.e., 4 "cpus") with two SCSI disks
on an aic7xxx controller. Transaction logs are on one disk, the database
is on another. This is as high end as I can get.