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Re: [ISSUE?] : jpegPhoto, EQUALITY, octetStringMatch (OL 2.1.17)

Kirill Kovalenko wrote:
> Michael Stroeder wrote:
Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:

Kirill Kovalenko writes:

We've noticed that it's impossible to perform entry modification for
jpegPhoto attribute. Its schema definition has no EQUALITY
specification (...)

You can use LDAP_MOD_REPLACE which deletes the old value and inserts
the new one. This does not need an equaltiy matching rule.

One can also remove the whole attribute with LDAP_MOD_DELETE by specifying attribute type (without specifying certain attribute value) and re-add the whole attribute with all updated attribute values using LDAP_MOD_ADD, all in one ModifyRequest.

Why do you think that this operation is more expensive THAN e.g. LDAP_MOD_REPLACE?

especially in case of jpegPhoto.

Judging from my personal experience especially with binary attributes like userCertificate and jpegPhoto it's more robust with various LDAP servers.

Ciao, Michael.