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Re: Get attribute value from another entry

Lise Didillon wrote:
as "ou" is an attribute of inetOrgPerson object you can define it in your user entry, but it only give you the name of the office and so you have to make a search on "ou=officeName,dc=ex... " to retrieve values of the attributes telephoneNumber etc in the "ou=officeName,dc=ex... entry".

You /can/ search for the ou by name, but the fastest way to do such a lookup in LDAP is through a dn ( syntax attribute, like seealso, manager, or secretary. You can also add your own dn attribute with a custom schema. Regardless, you won't be able to get both the person and their phone number in a single ldap call with this design. That doesn't make it a bad idea; I'd probably do it that way too because I hate managing redundant data. I automate some of these sorts of lookups in my own web gateway.

Jon Roberts