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Solution Found!

  I found the solution for that.
I had set rootdn to "o=mydomain.cim"
And all users dn had the format like 
Dn: "ou=unit1, o=mydomain.com" 
Dn: "ou=unit2, o=mydomain.com"  and so on.

So actually, 

   access to *
          by dn="o=mydomain.com" write

Was giving access to all the users associated with entry whose dn
"contained" the relative dn "o=mydomain.com". 

I now changed rootdn to "id=SuperUser, o=mydomain.com" and also 
Access to *
       by dn="id=SuperUser, o=mydomain.com" write
       by self write
       by * auth

And it met my expected results.



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