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Re: Problem with attribute syntax

At 11:43 PM 5/12/2003, amendola maurizio wrote:
>Hi at all
>This is the situation.
>I'm customizing microsoft.schema to permit at Active Directory and openldap
>on linux To work together. I have matched problem with syntax of attributes.
>Some problems about attributes identifier I have resolved changed the values
>from MS identifier in RFC 2252 identifier. Now I have a problem with SYNTAX
>, that it is in RFC 2252.
>And so I have a question:
>If the syntax of attribute is defined in the schema and I have defined
>correctly The attribute. Why the slapd tell me syntax not found? 

Likely because it doesn't support that syntax.

>Are or not the schema that define the syntax?

Schema only includes a description of the syntax. By itself,
this description is of little value.

>There are in openldap code a point where it is writed to accept only this

OpenLDAP code is written to only accept attribute type
descriptions referencing supported syntaxes.

The syntax identified by is
UTC Time.  It's deprecated (because it lacks a century
indicator) in favor of the generalized time syntax  IIRC,
there is a #ifdef you can set to enable support for it
in OpenLDAP.