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Re: postfix+ldap

tir, 13.05.2003 kl. 17.15 skrev Diego Thomas:

> Here i have more than 300 acounts and alot of mails/minute..
> the ldap server is running in localhost..
> i tryed alot of things at syslog and ldap...
> it's not supporting the traffic..

There are a lot of Openldap versions in circulation, v2 from 2.0.9 to
the present 2.1.19.My own experience is, that it didn't get stable under
heavy load until 2.1.12. I'll have a lot of 2.0.x people contradicting
this, but as I said, that's my experience. I'm running 2.1.18/BDB 4.1.24
and it is utterly stable for small to medium sites - with proper
indexing and default DB settings.



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